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Frequently Asked Questions

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​​​​​​​Q: Does Southern Touch Tree Service have a business license?

A: Yes, we carry a DeKalb Countybusiness license which is also know as a tax                             certificate. 

Q: Does Southern Touch Tree Service have insurance?

A: Yes, we carry bothgeneral liability and workers compensation insurance.  The                     general liability insurance protects the customers property and the workers'                         compensation protects the customer from liability of injury.

Q:  Is a permit required to cut down a tree?

A:  It's not always mandatory but we prefer to check with your local government.

Q: Does the customer need to be present during the job?

A: No, it's not necessary. We prefer to work without distractions but we do                                   understand how interesting our work can be, so feel free to watch.  Just be sure to             keep all persons and pets out of the work zone. 

Q: Do this company provide any other services?

A: No, just tree care services. We are tree care specialist and this is what we love to do.

Q: How long will it take to complete my job?

A: The average time it takes to complete a job is between (4-8) hours.

Q: What if I received another quote for less, are you willing to compete?

A: Yes, we are very competitive but you must compare apples to apples.  Most of the               time the lowest price isn't always the best deal at the end, you get what you pay for.

Q: Will the tree debris be haul away?

A: Yes, majority of the time but that depends on your budget. 

Q: How much does it cost to get tree work done?

A: It depends on the size, location and difficulty of the tree.  We provide                                         free estimates!

Q: How much do you charge for wood chips?

A: Woodchips are free to local residents, just request to be placed on our list.

​Q: When is the best time to prune a tree?

A: During fall and winter while the tree is dormant but in urban environments                           exceptions have to be made do to the risks that may be present.

Q: What makes Southern Touch Tree Service different from the rest?

A: Safety of our employees and everyone around us is our top priority!  Our crew                     members are required to wear all necessary PPE (personal protective equipment)              while on a job-site.  We have been known for setting the standards for safety in our           field of work. Safety gear will include hard hats, ear muffs, safety, glasses, gloves,                 chainsaw chaps, dust masks and steel toe work boots.

Q: How high up will the bucket truck reach?

A: Our bucket truck will reach a working height of 75 feet.  That's plenty of reach for               most urban trees but there will be instances when a tree will need to be physically               climbed by our trained professionals.